A key component of a flourishing enterprise is its ability to manage a high volume of transactions while providing the reassurance that comes with maintaining a merchant account.  Through this account, businesses are given the essential tools with which to process online purchases from patrons while siphoning the funds into a commercial bank account at regular intervals.  Through this system, businesses can accept direct credit card payments directly from customers, thus connecting two market pillars at the touch of a button.  Within the merchant account industry, credit card transactions may be processed as they occur with the vendor in real-time or in broader batches to cut down on processing expenses.  These types of expenses are minimal and typically include discount rates, gateway software and processing fees.  Combined, these make up a percentage of the transaction cost passed on to the credit card company as payment for services.  Ultimately, for a little additional investment up front, businesses can earn the trust and confidence of their consumers using credit cad merchant accounts.